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Dean Caldwell, California Serial Novelist and 50 U.S. States Serial Americana Short Story Writer is Teaching English to Students in Brazil
Contact: Sarah Goldberg, Dean Caldwell International, 909-285-8711, SarahGoldbergg@aol.com
BRASILIA, Brazil, June 30, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Dean Caldwell, serial Americana novelist of "Alabama, A Haven for Love," "Alaska, Love Found Under the Stars," "Arizona, An Adventure of Love" and the 50 U.S. States, serial Americana short story writer of "Alabama," "Alaska," "Arizona," "Arkansas," "California," "Colorado," "Connecticut," "Delaware," "Florida," "Georgia," "Hawaii," "Idaho," "Illinois," "Indiana," "Iowa," "Kansas," "Kentucky," "Louisiana," "Maine," "Maryland," "Massachusetts," "Michigan," "Minnesota," "Mississippi," "Montana," and "Nebraska" is helping to indirectly teach the approximate 47 million public school students in Brazil to read in English.

"The students in Brazil are so smart and are quick learners of the English language," said Dean Caldwell. "They also love to learn everything they can about our wonderful North American culture in our 50 United States. And reading my English language serial Americana short stories helps them to learn it even faster while being pleasantly entertained at the same time."

Amazon.com markets exclusively all of Dean Caldwell's present and future Americana short stories through Amazon's "Kindle Edition(s)" service. If intelligent readers worldwide already have Amazon.com's "PRIME" service, then they have unlimited access to read all of Dean Caldwell's exciting short stories for "FREE." Otherwise, for a nominal investment equal to that of $1.00 United States dollar in their own particular country's currency, sophisticated short story lovers in 14 nations will have it instantly auto-delivered wirelessly to their computers or tablets.

Dean Caldwell's amazing short stories can be quickly and easily ordered right now on:
Amazon.com (AUSTRALIA),
Amazon.com (BRAZIL),
Amazon.com (CANADA),
Amazon.com (CHINA),
Amazon.com (FRANCE),
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Amazon.com (ITALY),
Amazon.com (JAPAN),
Amazon.com (MEXICO),
Amazon.com (NETHERLANDS),
Amazon.com (UNITED KINGDOM),
Amazon.com (UNITED STATES) and
Amazon.com (SPAIN).

His 3 serial novels as mentioned above are also still available on Amazon.com.

Dean Caldwell is also available to speak worldwide at conventions, at workshops, on (satellite) radio talk shows, and on T.V. (talk) shows. One can contact his office at: P.O. Box 593; Rancho Cucamonga, California; 91729; U.S.A.; + 1-(909)-285-8711.

Company: Dean Caldwell International
Full Name: Sarah Goldberg
Telephone: + 1-(909)-285-8711
Email Address: SarahGoldbergg@aol.com
Website: Amazon.com

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