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In 28 Verses Jesus Outlines the Main Events and Ordering of Last Day Events

May 18, 2023

SMITHFIELD, Penn., May 18, 2023 /Christian Newswire/ -- In our present age many look for clarity on what is taking place, why events are unfolding as they are, and for understanding of how today's events relate to prophetic events. In Steve Magill's book, COMING SOON, he answers these questions and more through Jesus' teaching in Matthew 24.

Jesus' teaching on the last days in Matthew 24 is an amazingly insightful chapter into the last and the last of the last days—and all in only 28 verses!

When we look at last day events from these 28 verses alone, we have our road map for understanding where we are on the prophetic timeline without having to know all the details found in the books of Daniel and Revelation—and all from the voice of Jesus.

Understanding the last days and how close we are to the appearing of the Antichrist, the return of Jesus, the rapture, and the world's end was never meant to be complicated or a great mystery. Jesus taught so that everyone—young and old, highly educated and the uneducated—would know how close we are to His coming. All that is necessary is to observe how the events Jesus taught were becoming more intense, more frequent, and more in number.

Steve Magill's book, COMING SOON, is a brief commentary on Matthew 24 and 25. A study guide is included.

A print copy of COMING SOON, by Steve Magill, may be purchased on AMAZON, or a digital copy may be downloaded free of charge at www.hope-for-today.com.

SOURCE: hope-for-today.com

CONTACT: Steve Magill, hopefortoday2020@outlook.com

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