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Punctured Heart Leads to 'Praying As One' Christian Cross Company
Company Designed to Provide Fundraising Income for all Christian Organizations and Missionaries
Contact: Cliff W Gardner, Praying As One, 760-518-3447, cliff@prayingasone.com
DALLAS, Feb. 18, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- Cliff Gardner went into the hospital for a routine heart procedure and instead became the first patient in the history of the heart hospital to have his heart punctured. He came within seven minutes of dying.
"I knew I was saved for a very important purpose. Once I was gifted a "Hold Onto Cross™" I knew exactly what my purpose was. It was as though God put his hands on my shoulders and said that he wanted me to use this unique and powerful hand-held prayer cross to help spread Christianity around the world" stated Gardner.
The "Hold Onto Cross™" is a uniquely designed cross with finger grips for two people to pray together or one person to cling to tightly while praying. It is 12"x 6"of beautiful solid mahogany.   The finger grip design makes holding this cross feel as natural as praying itself.
Gardner immediately envisioned distributing these crosses worldwide so he created a company called Praying As One with a mission statement of "Spreading Christianity One Cross at a Time."
Please visit the Praying As One website www.prayingasone.com
He quickly realized that there was an opportunity to serve two tremendous needs at one time. Christian organizations are always struggling to raise money especially after the tax reform of 2018. Often times they conduct fundraising activities such as bake sales, garage sales, and selling incidental items such as candles and wrapping paper. None of these efforts provide any spiritual value. 

"Wouldn't it be great if there was an opportunity to raise funds and provide tremendous spiritual value at the same time" asked Gardner. That was the genesis of the two Praying As One fundraising models.  
Model 1   Offer Crosses on a Donation Basis
A. Purchase Non-Personalized Crosses* at 70% Off which is $39.95 – $27.95 = $12.00 per cross.
B. Offer on a Donation Basis
Typical Donations Range from $30.00 to $100.00 per Cross
*Crosses available in case counts of 18 or 36 online at www.prayingasone.com 
Experience suggests that this is the very best way to achieve widespread distribution with guaranteed profits while aligning with the generosity and financial comfort level of your members.
Model 2   Receive $20.00 Donation for Every Individual Cross Purchased Online
A. Request a personalized 10% off discount code for your members to use (ex. STMARKS). 
B. Promote your discount code.
Receive a $20.00 donation from Praying As One for every cross your members purchase. 
There is no purchase required by the Christian organization under this hands-free option. 
Simply email cliff@prayingasone.com to obtain a personalized discount code.
Learn more by viewing the Praying As One Intro Flyers. https://prayingasone.com/pages/intro-flyers
Praying As One is equally focused on getting crosses into the hands of missionaries around the world.
"Can you imagine a missionary jointly praying with someone learning about the love of Jesus Christ and then releasing the cross into their hands to keep and pray with? They would never be alone again" suggests Gardner.
The company is currently seeking to establish strategic relationships with dynamic organizations and individuals that are focused on spreading Christianity.
Ideally this would include aligning with some well-intended media members to help introduce this very impactful initiative. Please feel free to contact Cliff at any time by emailing cliff@prayingasone.com.
Praying As One is primarily focused on facilitating fundraising and missionary efforts, however, they do offer individual crosses and personalized crosses (brass plates and wood engraving) on their website at www.prayingasone.com for those interested in a single keepsake prayer cross.
Praying As One is a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality Christian crosses. All crosses are proudly handmade in the United States. The company's mission is to provide their specialty crosses at the very lowest price possible so that Christian organizations and missionaries can successfully raise funds and spread the love of Jesus Christ at the same time.
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