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Glenn Beck and David Barton: After Afghanistan, 'Only God Can Save' America

Truth & Liberty Coalition
Sept. 1, 2021

WOODLAND PARK, Colo., Sept. 1, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ -- Reports have come from Afghanistan detailing the catastrophic withdrawal of U.S. forces and evacuation of Americans and refugees.

According to conservative commentator and philanthropist Glenn Beck, the United States now finds itself exposed to the world due to the decisions and actions of its leaders.

"We have put ourselves in the most dangerous situation," said Beck. "And I'm telling you, only God can save us now."

Beck and David Barton recently joined the Truth & Liberty Coalition livecast with Andrew Wommack, coalition president, and Richard Harris, executive director, to discuss their recent efforts to rescue refugees from Afghanistan – particularly persecuted Christians.

The Nazarene Fund, founded by Beck, and WallBuilders, founded by Barton, have been working nearly around the clock over the past two weeks to evacuate people from harm's way in Afghanistan. Beck recently appealed to his media audience and raised $32 million for the privately run rescue efforts.

"We are the people of America, and the people are different than the government," said Beck. "We believe in certain things, and we shouldn't leave people behind, and we certainly shouldn't let people be persecuted for their belief."

According to Beck and Barton, the U.S. State Department's lumbering bureaucracy and gross incompetence led to delays in getting planes into and out of the Kabul airport and having them depart nearly empty.

"I can tell you that they are the biggest hindrance to the saving of Christians or anyone in the Middle East – they have thwarted us at every step of the way," said Beck. "We had a plane up in the air that had permission to land, and as we are in our landing pattern they are told 'Turn them around – you can't land.'"

Beck and Barton said recent events in Afghanistan are symptomatic of a bigger problem. America's leadership and bureaucracy are threatening our nation's safety and success.

"You've got the Taliban on the outside of the [airport] fence and you've got the State Department on the inside of the fence, so you're fighting two enemies," said Barton. "The thing I think people need to understand about the process is the government is so large that it is not accountable."

While the Nazarene Fund and WallBuilders are still rescuing Americans and Afghans from danger, when planes land in another country, their work continues. According to Beck, funding goes to evacuation efforts and getting people settled in their new homes, assimilating them into new cultures, and helping them be successful.

"As long as we have the money we will help," added Beck. "We don't want to burden these countries – we want to show them that these people will be a blessing."

According to Harris, "We thank God for the leadership of Glenn Beck and David Barton, as they have accomplished an incredible feat in rescuing thousands of people from the hands of the barbaric Taliban and ISIS-K. The American people must hold the Biden Administration fully accountable for the slaughter that is ensuing in Afghanistan, the surrender of billions of dollars in military equipment, and the immeasurable damage to the security of America and our allies."

About Truth and Liberty Coalition
Truth & Liberty Coalition, Inc. is a 501(C)(4) non-profit based in Woodland Park, Colorado. Established by Andrew Wommack and other Christian leaders, the goal is to educate, unify and mobilize Christians and conservatives to become involved in the affairs of their community and government. Find Truth & Liberty Coalition at
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